Pictures of the Week (Jun. 22 – Jun. 28)

Robot Band Z-Machines Debut Live
Tokyo, Japan – Robot band Z-Machines perform on stage during a special live performance at Liquidroom in downtown Tokyo, June 24, 2013. The guitarist “Mach” can slide, shred and mute as he is also equipped with a body and soul system that allows him to head-bang. The drummer “Ashura” consists of 4 snare drums, 2 crash cymbals and 3 bass drums while the keyboardist “Cosmo” is equipped with a unique eye beam function. (Photo by Christopher Jue/Nippon News)

Seibu Holdings annual shareholders meeting
Tokorozawa, Japan – Louis Foster, right, senior managing director at Cerberus speaks after the shareholders meeting at Tokorozawa, Saitama on Tuesday, June 25, 2013. U.S. equity fund Cerberus Capital Management has made an tender offer an apparent bid to take the initiative in managing Seibu Holdings. (Photo by Motoo Naka/AFLO)

Korean Hip hop quartet MIB showcase in Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan – Korean Hip hop quartet MIB perform on stage during their showcase live in Tokyo, Japan, on June 24, 2013. (Photo by Keizo Mori/AFLO)

Figure Skating: Dream on Ice 2013
Yokohama, Japan – (L-R) Javier Fernandez (ESP) and Takahito Mura (JPN) during Dream on Ice 2013 at Shin-Yokohama Skate Center, June 28, 2013. (Photo by AFLO SPORT)