Mainichi – Japan Russia Relations

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1905  Portsmouth Peace Conference 1905  Japanese-Russo War, sinking warship Sisdoi Veliki 1918  Siberian Intervention 1940 Case Nomonhan 1949  Diary of a Nazi party member Sorge
1954  Rastvorov case 1956  Detained in Siberia, Last repatriates 1956  Hatoyama Ichiro returning from signing of Japan-Soviet Joint Declaration 1961  Bolshoi Circus parade on Ginza, Tokyo 1972  Yoshiko Okada, actress returned Japan in 34 years
1976  Lieutenant Berenko asylum case 1977  Coffee shop “light”  customers can sing in chorus at Shinjuku, Tokyo is closed 1979 Japan-Soviet communist party settlement in 15 years 1990  Soyuz rocket, launches with Yutaka Akiyama onboard 1991  Japan-Soviet joint statement
1997  Russian tanker “Nakhodka” oil spill 1999  Negotiations for return of the northern territories 2001  Used cars export to Russia 2001年 Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori visits father’s grave

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