Mainichi – Japan USA Relations

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1913  The homecoming immigrants in Los Angeles 1945  The commandos burst into flames rammed 1946  Atomic bomb Hiroshima, Investigation committee of Allied Forces 1951  San Francisco Peace Treaty 1952  “War brides” travel to America
1954 The fifth Lucky Dragon boat was exposed to radiation 1960  Struggle security, incidents Hagerty 1963  TV coverage of Kennedy assassination 1970  Apollo exhibit at Osaka Expo 1971  Dollar shock
1972  Ceremony for the return of Okinawa 1976  Lockheed scandal, testified Kochan A 1987  Toyota billboard in Los Angeles 1995 Protest against people assaulted girls in Okinawa 2001  Pokemon Shop opens in New York
2001 Japanese Self Defense Force dispatched to Iraq 2003 Protest against Iraq War 2004  Convention of Kanagawa, the only surviving original 2006  Resumption of US beef imports

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