Mainichi – Post-War Japan

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2004  Mihama Nuclear accident 2004  Niigata earthquake 1998  Yamaichi Securities closes business 1997  Kyoto Conference on Global Warming 1997  5% consumption tax introduced
1995  Subway sarin gas attack 1995  Great Hanshin Earthquake 1995  Yen reaches highs against US Dollar 1993  Hosokawa coalition government established 1993  Empty buildings as Bubble bursts
1989  Prime Minister Takeshita faces questions on the Recruit scandal 1989  Emperor Hirohito dies 1985  JAL Jumbo crashes 1984  Kazuyoshi Miura LA scandal 1984  Hisashi Mori, Glico arsenic milk poisoning inceident
1979  Tokyo Summit 1978  Naomi Uemura reaches North Pole 1976  Lockheed bribery scandal, former PM Kakuei Tanaka arrested 1973  Oil crisis 1972  Asama Sansou incident
1972  Sennichi Department Store fire 1971  Narita struggle 1970  Minamata protest 1970 Yukio Mishima,  “Patriotism” 1970  Yodogo Hijack
1969  Tokyo Univerity protests 1968  Japan’s first heart transplant 1968  300 million Yen robbery 1963  Prime Minister Ikeda, explains theory of doubling income 1963  Mitsui Miike coal mine explosion
1962 Mikawashima accident 1960  Yasushi Yasushi struggle 1960  Assassination of Inejiro Asanuma 1959  Royal Wedding 1959  Ise Bay Typhoon
1955  LDP Party Formed 1955  Struggle for Sunagawa 1954  Toya Maru incident 1953  “Bakayarou” dissolution of parliament 1953 NHK TV starts broadcasting
1952  Bloody May Day incident 1950  GHQ leads the “Red Purge” 1949  Hideki Yukawa awarded Nobel Prize in Physics 1949  Mitaka incident 1949年 光クラブ倒産
1948  Shimoyama incident 1946  Constitution of Japan promulgated 1945 General MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito 1945  Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

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