Mainichi – Post-War Rebuilding

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2008.3.30 Nippori-Toneri Liner starts running 2008.2.26 Akasaka Sakas as seen from the air 2007.12.6 Tsukuba Express 2007.11.2 Grand Tokyo North and South Towers in front of Tokyo Station 2007.10.7 Armani Ginza Tower
2007.10.6 Yurakucho Marui opens in Ginza 2007.4.27 Shin Marunouchi Building opens in Tokyo 2007.3.30 Tokyo Midtown opens 2007.3.26 Tokyo Midtown 2007.3.26 Tokyo Midtown
2007.1.20 Kokuritsu Shin Bijutsukan opens. It is covered with 4,700 pieces of glass, making its external wall appear like a wave. 2006.8.80 Akihabara IT buildings 2006.6.7 Chugin capsule tower 2006.3.19 Omotesnado Hills and 21SY Building 2006.2 Omotesando Hills Photo Exhibition “Dojunkai Kioku Apartment” opens
2005.12.20 Around Akihabara station 2004.11.2 Tsukuba Express trial run 2003.10.1 Nozomi 111 (outbound) leaving Shinagawa Station 2003.9.25 Shinkansen/Shinagawa Station development 2003.7.16 Shidome Shiosite. Nihon TV (center) and Shidome highrise
2003.4.29 Roppongi Hills 2003.4.21 Roppongi HIlls. Re-development area with 11 buildings incuding super highrise office building 2002.12.24 Shiodome Shiosite 2002.9.4 Marunouchi Building (“Marubiru”) transformation into super highrise 2002.2.22 Last re-development of metropolis. Minato-ku and Shiodome District in Tokyo
2001.5.25 Seiroka International Hospital, Seiroka Tower 2001.5.25 Triton Square 2000.12.12 Oedo Line opens. Memorial “Queen” Train 2000.12.11 Oedo Line celebrates its launch. Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara rides on a train. 2000.10.5 Tokyo Stadium opens
2000.2 Tokyo Stadium debuts 2000.1.30 Rinkai Fukutoshin, Odaiba 2000.1.30 Yurakucho Station vicinity 1997.6.13 Fuji TV 1997.1 Tokyo Kokusai Forum
1995.2.17 Tokyo Dome 1993.8 Rainbow Bridge which connects Rikai Fukutoshin and Tokyo 1991.3 Shin Tocho Building 1991.2 Bird’s eye view of Shin Tokyo Tocho area 1991.2 Bird’s eye view of Tocho building in Tokyo
1987.10.30 Korakuen Dome 1984.10.6 Yurakucho Marion opens 1984.8 Yurakucho Marion 1978.4.5 Opening ceremony was held for “Sunshine 60” in Ikebukuro 1974.12 Skyscrapers in Shinjuku Fukutoshin
1969.10 Tokyo’s super highrises. National Electric company 1968.4.17 Kasumigaseki Highrise building with 36 floors 1968.4.12 Kasumigaseki Building opens 1964.10.1 Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train) opens 1958.12 Tokyo  Tower reaches height of  333 meters

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