Mainichi – Economic Growth

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1956  Female investor 1956  TV Village 1956 Tokyo Mode Cafe 1957  102-student class 1957 Polyethylene Household
1957  Children’s room model 1957  Automobile time 1957  Rikidozan’s karate chop 1958  Crazy rockabilly era 1958  Tokyo Tower was completed
1959 Three Sacred Treasures 1960  70 mm film 1960  Hot rodder 1960  Diamond Light 1960  Car age
1960  Car owners 1960  Mammoth Cabaret 1960  Announcing a policy of high growth 1961  Apartment residents going to work 1962  Golf boom
1962  Movie City Asakusa Rokku 1962  Ginza 4-chome intersection and tram 1962  Cherry blossom viewing party, Ueno 1962  Water of the Tama River 1964  Fish pond in Roppongi
1964  Opening Tokaido shinkansen 1964  Hakone Skating Center 1965  Miyuki family 1965  Rracing fans at Shimbashi Station West Exit Square 1966  The common goal of 3C
1966  Color TV bargain 1966  Mountain junkheap 1966  Training of new employees 1966  Meishin highway opening 1967  Workaholic employee
1967  Urban grow 1967  Cash grabbing contest 1967  Roppongi became wider 1967  Soap bubble Tamagawa river 1967  Summer gift sale
1968  Nitrogen Minamata plant 1968  Itai-itai disease produced a high growth period 1968  Go-go dance tournament 1968  Year-end holiday shopping season 1969  Economic bonus
1969  Moon landing 1969  Pager epidemic 1969  Proceeds from sale  from Summer sale 1969  Metropolitan Expressway Route 5 Construction 1969  Shinjuku hippies
1969  Large electronic waste 1970  Osaka Expo 1970  Pedestrian paradise in Ginza 1971 Tram

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