Nippon News has provided video production services out of Tokyo since 2002. Our clients are broadcasters and production companies from around the world who want competitively-priced high-quality videos or need professionals to assist them in the organization of shooting.

Our full list of services includes:

– Full TV Production Crew (HD/HDV/SD, NTSC/PAL)


– Project research

– Media coordination

– Interpretation

– On the ground reporting

– Own Studio

– In House editing

– FTP service

Our basic set package includes:

– Camera Operator

– Canon XF100 camera (HDV 1080i, NTSC) – Digital recording **

– Basic Microphone Sound Capture (Azden SMX-10)

– Libec Tripod (RT30B/RH25)

Rate: 80,000 yen/day (8 hours door to door). Anything over 8 hours is +8,000 yen per hour

Also we have our very own studio:

Aflo Studio

A Few of Our Recent Works:

• Spanish Fishing Family (2012)

TV Documentary. Location coordination with Tsukiji fish market. B-Roll night footage of Tokyo. Interviews and documentary footage.

• Cinétévé – Amélie Nothomb, une vie entre deux eaux”, directed by Luca Chiari (2012)

Coordination/Location Scouting/Translation/Crew Hire for 10 day documentary shoot in Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Miyagi including sumo, noh theatre, and tsunami reconstruction.

• Climate Change Org (2011)

Video documentary. 3 day shoot with data backed up and delivered immediately after shooting ends.

• World Gymnastics Tokyo (2011)

Still photography assignment.

• Radiation Awareness (2011)

Video documentary. Coordination, sound, footage.

• Corriere della Sera (2011)

Cover assignment. Coordination and still images.

• World Trade Organisation (2010 – CC)

Interviews of Ambassadors Yoshio Hatano and Minoru Endo for internal project

• Moto Revue (2009 – WEB)

Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Video reporting

• Capa Entreprises (2009 – CC)

Hideki Toyomatsu (Executive Director of Kansai Electric Power Company)

Video Interview for interna Areva company use (Full production)

• SAS Phenomene (2008 – CC)

Fondation L’oréal – For Women in Science – Akiko KOBAYASHI

Research, Coordination, Provided equipment and crew (soundman, interpreter, drivers)

• Capa Entreprises (2008 – CC)

Societe Generale – Banker’s Stories – Masato DEGAWA

Research, Coordination, Interpretation

• Tracks (2007 – DO)

ARTE (French/German television)

Video reporting from the 2007 Worldcon Science Fiction 2007 Fair in Yokohama

2007 Worldcon Science-Fiction Fair (Yokohama, Japan)

• Magazine de la Santé (2007 – TV)

France 5 (French television)

Video reporting about Japanese health products (full production).

• Capa Entreprises (2007 – CC)

Alstom 360° Video Magazine (

Provided crew and equipment (cameraman, soundman, interpreter)

• 2007 Tokyo Motor Show (2007 – WEB),,,,

Video reporting and editing (full production)

• East Meets West (2004 – TV)

ABC Family/ Disney Channel

Full production, from researching subject to shooting the piece

• 60 Jours 60 Nuits (2002 – TV)

Canal + (French television)

Research, Coordination, Interpretation

** We can also arrange and work with different camera equipment so let us know if there is a specific camera or format that you are interested in.