“Blade Runner 2049” Press Conference in Tokyo

(All photos by Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO)

American actor Harrison Ford somehow made it to Tokyo in the middle of a typhoon to promote his new movie “Blade Runner 2049” which is released in Japan on October 27th.
Ford (2 left), along with director Denis Villeneuve (2 right) and actresses Ana de Armas (left) and Sylvia Hoeks (right) attended the conference which took place inside The Ritz Carlton Tokyo. The venue was packed with media from all over Japan.

Ford looked dapper in a navy suit over blue shirt, which he paired with brown leather shoes and striped socks.

A major hurricane had just passed Tokyo area this morning, and Ford wittingly commented at the beginning, “Thank you for finishing the typhoon. It was interesting,” which brought laughters among the crowed.
He said that since he was staying high up in the hotel, he had basically “spent 2 days in the clouds.”
When asked what he did yesterday which was his off day, he answered he slept and walked around the mall due to inclement weather.

It has been 9 years since Ford’s last visit to Japan during the promotional tour of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”
He said that he wanted to drive around rural parts of Japan in a car to see more of the country.
He expressed his delight in the global hit of the movie, which he gave credit to the trans-cultural nature of the questions the movie poses such as “What it means to be human” and “How to control your destiny,” which appeal to all people around the world.
He added that what he remembers from filming the movie is just having fun.
The other cast had only praises for Ford for his sense of humor, warmth, creativity and talent.