Neymar poses with sumo wrestler at GaGa Milano store in Tokyo

(Photos by Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO)

Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. made an appearance at GaGa Milano store in the fashion district of Harajuku in Tokyo on May 30.
As the brand ambassador, the Bazilian soccer player is here to promote Neymar Jr. x GaGa Milano Watch Collection.
Legendary sumo wrestler Harumafuji Kohei also attended the event, and the two exchanged a firm handshake.

They seemed to be having a great time as they pretended to wrestle in front of the cameras.

Barcelona striker promoted his new watch line.

The brand is celebrating their 8th anniversary since its launch in Japan.

Many fans lined up in front of GaGa Milano store in Harajuku to get a glimpse of their idol.