Ganguro Style

Members of staff at the Ganguro Cafe & Bar in Tokyo’s fashion district Shibuya on September 4, 2015. (All pictures and video by Rodrigo Reyes Marin)


Ganguro is an alternative Japanese fashion trend which started in the mid-1990s where young women, rebelling against the traditional idea of Japanese beauty, wore colorful make-up and clothes and had dark-skin.


Ayuyun shows off her nail art.


Store manager, Pomitan (24), manages 10 “ganguro girls” at the bar which offers original Ganguro Balls (fried takoyaki style sausage balls in black squid ink batter) on its bilingual menu.


Ganguro Cafe & Bar also offers special services such as Ganguro make-up and the chance to take purikura (photo booth pictures) with staff and to look like a Ganguro girl walking around the Shibuya streets.

Below Erimokkori of the Ganguro Cafe & Bar transforms a female customer into a ganguro girl.



Before and after the transformation.


Once transformed you are ready to hit the Shibuya streets and visit one of the many Purikura arcades for a souvenir snap.



For those interested in trying out this experience you can find out more information here. The full service of food, drink, make-up and purikura costs JPY 7,000 (approximately $50.00 US).

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