Pictures of the Week (Apr. 18 – Apr. 24)

2015 Gran Tourismo D1 Grand Prix Series Round 1 in Odaiba
Tokyo, Japan – Drift cars in a tandem battle run during the 2015 Gran Tourismo D1 Grand Prix Series Round 1 in Odaiba, April 19, 2015. (Photo by Michael Steinebach/AFLO)

Yabusame Shinto Ritual at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
Kanagawa, Japan – Archers wearing traditional Japanese costume participate in an horseback archery event aiming at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, April 19, 2015. (Photo by Hitoshi Mochizuki/AFLO)

Robot receptionist in Tokyo department store
Tokyo, Japan – Clad in traditional kimono, Aiko Chihara makes her debut at the information desk of Tokyo’s upscale Mitsukoshi department store on Monday, April 20, 2015. Aiko, a humanoid robot made by Toshiba, smiles and bows to customers and offers six-minute guidance with information about the prestigious store including events. (Photo by Natsuki Sakai/AFLO)

Star Wars Golden Coins at Ginza Tanaka
Tokyo, Japan – A gold plated Darth Vader mask on display at the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store, April 22, 2015. (Photo by Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO)

Apple Watch Goes on Sale in Japan
Tokyo, Japan – Yuichiro Masui (39) the first customer, who was waiting outside the store the night before, poses for the cameras with his new Apple Watch at SoftBank Omotesando store, April 24, 2015. A few people lined up patiently in the early morning before the SoftBank store opened in the Omotesando shopping area of Shibuya. According to SoftBank staff there were no crowds for the launch because of the preorder system allowing customers to reserve in advance. The store displayed the Sport and Watch models but not the luxury gold Edition model. (Photo by Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO)