Pictures of the Week (Oct. 24 – Oct. 30)

Handball: Asian Women's Qualification for 2016 Summer Olympic Games
Aichi, Japan – Shio Fujii (L) in action during the Asian Women’s Qualification for 2016 Summer Olympic Games match between Japan 24-23 Kazakhstan at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, October 24, 2015. (Photo by Shingo Ito/AFLO SPORT)

Saitama Criterium 2015
Saitama, Japan – Riders from the Tour de France participate in the Saitama Criterium 2015 race on October 24, 2015. 2015 is the third year that the organisers of Le Tour de France have brought the race to Japan for a special one day criterium race. (Photo Mark Eite/AFLO)

Shibuya Youth Street Fashion Show in Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan – A street fashion show, coordinated by up-and-coming designers and participated by staff of the areas shops, gets under way in Shibuya, Tokyo’s gathering point for all ethnicities and age groups and the center of cutting edge culture and entertainment, on Sunday, October 25, 2015. (Photo by Natsuki Sakai/AFLO)

Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2015
Kawasaki, Japan – A participant in a costume takes part in a Halloween parade in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, on Sunday, October 25, 2015. (Photo by AFLO)

44th Tokyo Motor Show
Tokyo, Japan – President Akio Toyoda of Toyota Motor Corp. presents the company’s concept cars during a press preview of the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. (Photo by Kaku Kurita/AFLO)